Fig 1. William Withering

He discovered digitalis from foxglove and it’s used to treatment of heart condition. He told digitalis an ingredient from herbal remedy give to people with cardiac dropsy or congestive heart failure. He studied to classify the toxicity and effects of digitalis.
Foxglove plant is a variety of species, the common name of hardy biennial or perennial herbs constituting the genus Digitalis or Family Scrophulariaceae. It is some species are popular garden plant and native to Europe and Asia, are the natural source of number of medical compounds. The plants grow in unfair shade in a well-shadow, acidic soil and rich in humus. Its produced bell shaped flowers and it has more variety of colors are white, light rose, purple, yellow and blue and it is 5cm long.
Fig.2 foxglove plant
In Digitalis belongs to the figwort family, Scrophulariaceae, in the order Scrophulariales, class Magnoliopsida, and its called Digoxin.It is also used for drug research that contains Cardiac glycosides. Digoxin is used for heart conditions, slows the heart rate and helps remove or reduce fluid from body tissues and heart failure. It is highly toxic plant. In late autumn, the birds are attracted to the seed heads and enjoy them.

Fig. 3 Digitalis

Digitalis Medicine:
Commonly Used Brand Names in the United States:
Lanoxicaps (digoxin), Lanoxin (digoxin), Lanoxin Elixir Pediatric (digoxin), Lanoxin Injection (digoxin), Lanoxin Injection Pediatric (digoxin).
Commonly Used Brand Names in Canada:
Digitaline (digitoxin), Lanoxin (digoxin), Lanoxin Pediatric Elixir (digoxin), Novo-Digoxin (digoxin)
Fig .4 Drug pills Fig .5 Digoxin Elixir
Beneficial Impacts:
Algorhythm CHD:

Coronary artery disease treatment of Algohythm and most of the drugs used. Digitalis is the part of therapy used in it.
Digoxin has been very different cornerstone in behalf of the inhuman treatment of heart of flame.

Fig.6 Treatment of heart disease
Treatment digoxin high toxicity. Salt cardiovascular a serious disease, Mesa, Arizona. Side effects of the drug digoxin. Wisconsin cardiovascular group, Basildon. Diamox the great detective go down to do without as what.

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