Strawberries, Fragaria x ananassa, is a fruit that is high in vitamin C and is really sweet. As its ripening, it is greenish white, and becomes red when it has fully ripened. (Figure 1) Strawberries are grown in temperate places around the world and would be found in places such as in central Europe, Japan, southern Canada, and places in the U.S.

Figure 1. Strawberries (Wagner, 1999)

To get the product, you must go to a farm where they are being grown, or to a store that grows them. To pick out the strawberries, you obtain it from under the bunch of green leaves, and pick them off of the stems.

Figure 2. Strawberry Jam

Figure 3. Flow chart: How to make Strawberry Jam

It is used as a condiment for bread or other snacks. It is not really beneficial or harmful to living things, the economy, the environment or the society because it is just a fruit that can only be used as food for us; humans, and animals to eat. The only harmful thing is that the trucks that are used to import and export the strawberries pollutes the air, which is harmful to the environment.
In conclusion, strawberries are an easy fruit to plant and obtain. They can be grown in an environment that is cool, but moist, and can be grown in a store, or on a farm.

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