Salvia ( Salvia Divinorum) is a plant with large amounts of psychoactive compounds used recreationally by smoking or eating or salvia_mainacht.jpg shared around the word. It is from the Lamiaceae Family and is native to the Sierra Mazteca region of Oaxaca Mexico. Used Originally for initiation and Facilitation of Shamanic practices.( Karl R. Hanes). The Ideal growing conditions for Salvia Divinorum is dark wet soil with low light coverage, high humidity and frequent cloud coverage. Salvia is green coloured plant with purple and white flowers. It grows to about three feet

How Salvia works
Salvia works by manipulating the Kappa Opioid receptors( Chris Sherwood). Once you have either eaten or smoked the herb, the opioid receptors human-brain-receptors.jpgwhich are responsible for pain sensors and mental stability respond, giving you a sense or euphoria( happiness) and awareness at the same time producing visual and physical illusions or hallucinations. These effects can last any where from five to twenty-five minutes.

Harmful Effets
When using salvia there are some harmful effects you should know about. Nerves in your body will react involuntary so you should be sitting down when using it. Touch sensivity is increased, so things that usually might not hurt , could possibly be very painfull. Since your awareness is heightened it is easy to become paranoid wich is never a good thinbecasue it causes you to say and do things you normally wouldnt. Salvia like any other drug impairs your judgement, so do not try and do any thing important or dangerous.
When any plant matter is smoked carbon monoxide is realesed wich is poisonous in some ways. It can cause lung cancer and kills brain cells.
Salvinorin is one of the chemicals in salvia divinorum which produces synthesia and has similar phenomenological similarities as PCP and ketamine wich have been proven to cause brain damage. Some users have reported mild headache and bronchial irritation (

Once the plant is grown to about three feet tall it's leaves are cut off mainly because the stems don't carry as muchuntitled.JPG psychoactive compounds. The leaves are taken from the plant and sent to company that will then use a filtration system to clean the herb. One then thewill dry the leaves and crush it into a powder. They will then measure the correct large_salvia_divinorum_iti.jpgdose ofsalvia into packaging and send to convenience stores, herb stores and smoking based shops all around the globe. The main consumers of the herb is teenagers, because of the thrill.

Laws and Regulation
Salvia is legal in most countries including Canada , The United States, Germany and many others. Due to the fact that the "high" is only a short one and the side effects are close to none, there haven't been many allegations the herb.

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