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The scientific name for pomegranates, also known as grenada in many countries, is Punica granatum (USDA, 2010). The pomegranate belongs to the Punica L. genus (Marshall, 1979).


In Latin, pomegranate literally means “seeded apple” (Worknik, 2008). Appearance wise, the pomegranate looks like an apple, when cracked open, there are many small red seeds (LeRoy, 2010), hence the latin origin. The pomegranate fruit has a tight, leathery red, burgundy or pink skin, with an opening at the top (LeRoy, 2010). The inside of the pomegranate is filled with hundreds of red, small, juice-filled seeds (LeRoy, 2010). The seeds are protected with a layer of white bitter walls (LeRoy, 2010). The leaves of the grenada plant are thick and waxy. The leaves are heavy, long, flat, and usually grow around the fruits and flowers (LeRoy, 2010). The pomegranate tree is relatively small and short, around twelve to sixteen feet high, and can has a life span of 200 years old (LeRoy, 2010). They start bearing fruits after three years the seed has been planted. The trunk of the tree is dark brown, with a hue of red. They may also turn grey after a period of time (LeRoy, 2010).

Figure 2. Pomegranate fruit sliced in half (Kivi, R. 2009)
Figure 3. Branches of Pomegranate Tree (TheladyGarden, 2009)
Figure 4. Pomegranate flowers and buds (TheladyGarden, 2009)

Pomegranate trees grow in the sunniest, and warmest parts of the environment, but it does grow in part shades as well (California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc., 1997). The tree grows best in moist regular sold, and also grows on acidic loam and rock-strewn gravel (California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc., 1997). Pomegranate trees originate in Iran, but can be found in the Middle East, Mediterranean Regions, Israel and Asia (InnVista, 2009). The pomegranate can now be found in Southern United States to the Southern Parts of South America (InnVista, 2009).

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Figure 5. Continents such as North America, Europe, Asia, Middle and Near East and The Mediterranean, Pomegranate trees grow (POM wonderful, 2010)