What is Papaver somniferum?
Papaver somniferum is the species of plant from Papaveraceas.Papaver somniferum can make into morphine,thebaine,codeine,papaverine and narcotine.

What is Papaver somniferum look like?
Papaver somniferum,stems erect,high 60~150centimeters.Their leafs are alternation.Leafs are oblongoval that like a egg.The length of leaf is 6~30centimeters and the width of leaf is 3.5~20centimeters.Flowers solitary,the flower is on the top of the plant.The length of anthocaulus is 12~14centimeters.It has two sepals and four petals.Their flower often are white,purple,or pink.The fruit is oblongoval and urcelous.The fruit,as big as a egg,yellowish-brown or biscuit,smooth.Each fruit has many seeds that are small.The flower season is from April to May.The fruit season is from June to August.
Beneficial Impacts
Papaver somniferum can make into poppy-seed oil which can be added to salads instead of olive oil.In ancient times,people used it to treatment baby who cried at night.Papaver somniferum is
beautiful flower.
Harmful Impacts
Human knew the Papaver somniferum since the Neolithic Age.At the Nineteenth Century,the British Empire find a good place to plant Papaver somniferum in Burma.People name it "golden triangle".The British Empire made people who lived in Burma to plant Papaver somniferum and refined the opium.The British Empire has sold opium to other countrys,but it restrain people ate opium in their country.People still plant Papaver somniferum in "golden triangle"today.This action could made money,but it also killed a lot of people who used the opium.
Opium War:the First Opium War,war of aggression launched by Britain against China under the pretext of China`s sanctions on opim sales by British merchants,the invading troops were able to sack Xiamen,Ningbo and Shanghai,and arrived at Nanjing.Under British military intimidation the Qing government buckled and signed the Treaty of Nanjing in 1842.
The latex of Papaver somniferum's fruit have alkaloid,Morphine,Codeine,Thebaine,Papaverine,Narcotine and Narceine.The shell of the fruit have Galacturonic acid,4-0-Methylglucuronic acid,Fucose,2-0-Methylfucose,2-0- Methylxylose,G-tucuronic acid,Sedoheptulose,D-Mannoheptulose,D-Glycero-D-Mannooctulose,Mesoinositol and Erythritol.
Papaver somniferum can make into opium.Opium is one of the poison.Narcotics include opium,codeine,morphine and heroin.The regular use of certain drugs cause psychological dependence.Drugs cause a user to have hallucinations.Opium is highly addictive. Tolerance (the need for higher and higher doses to maintain the same effect) and physical and psychological dependence develop quickly. Withdrawal from opium causes nausea, tearing, yawning, chills, and sweating.
How to make opium?

How to treat and cure people who has poisoning from opium.
1.Drink 20~30drops of iodine with warm water.After that,drink sodium bicarbonate5% to gastric lavage.
2.Eat some respiration stimulants(lobeline,coraminum,amphetamine).You can give his artificial respiration if he is respiratory failure,keep warm,drink coffee or tee.Please do not sleep.
3.The good treatment is a 50% of glucose into water,given intravenously,to promote excretion.
Papaver somniferum is a ornamental variety.Their flowers are [[app:ds:dazzlingly beautiful|dazzlingly beautiful]].At the Neolithic Age,people thing this plant was god’s providence.Today,this plant become a demon,to make people get into the habit to hitted the pipe.Many teenagers are drug taking.They think drug taking is tide and cool.Even though it can make into opium,it also can make into sedative to help people.