Cordyceps sinensis

Scientific name and Genus of plant
The scientific name of my plant is Cordyceps; it belongs in the Fungi Kingdom.

Description of plant
My plant is created when it has a parasitic relationship between a fungus and a caterpillar of a moth, eventually it grows through the body of the larva and breaks through it, so a part of the plant has a caterpillar-like body. It has a small stem growing above ground (known as the fungus fruiting body) and the root of the plant it has 8 pair of visible legs; the colour of it is light brown. (Refer to figure 1)

441388.jpg(Figure 1)

Environmental Conditions
My plant grows in subalpine pastures, after bring infected by the fungus that lives underground in the alpine grass and shrub lands at a altitude between 9800 to 16000 ft Seng Nong (N.D). This plant are commonly found in alpine grass and shrub lands on the Tibetan Plateau, Himalayas mountain in China, usually at a high altitude above ground level Seng Nong (N.D).

How to obtain the plant?
They are found growing naturally at high altitude mountains and hills, having a small portion part of the plant growing above ground, the harvesters usually have to crouch while searching for the plant, because they are not easily seen while standing up .
The plant is mostly harvested as a whole plant, because it is commonly used entirely from the stem of the plant to the root of the plant.

Process of Production

Beneficial Impacts
It can be able to restore health and treating deficiencies, not only able to be a very powerful antioxidant, it can also enhance your breathing and the oxygen intake, body’s defences to withstand from being attacked by diseases (Cordyceps 4 you, 10th September 2009). It improves cardiac functions and circulation of blood, lowering cholesterol level as well as triglycerides in the body, very effective helping people enhancing their cardiovascular functions (Cordyceps 4 you, 10th September 2009). It has been very effective at treating cardiac arrhythmia and able to help people with heart problems and protecting the heart (Cordyceps 4 you, 10th September 2009) .
Its greatest benefits is the ability to increase stamina and vitality, protection again radical damage and slowing down the effects of aging by preventing oxidative stress on cells (Cordyceps 4 you, 10th September 2009).


It also increase the economy of cash income for lower class family in Tibet, it was 1/3 of their income was harvesting this plants in the land they owned.

Other products produced with higher beneficial values
It can also be used to produce capsules; it would help improve the effectiveness being absorbed by people who are old and those who have a weak or ill body. Comparing to the actually plant the capsules provides a higher effectiveness in absorption of the nutrients of the plant.

Harmful Impacts
We have not yet identified any harmful effects on human body. A great deal of people harvesting for the plant, causing damage to the environment affecting other plant species, because to harvest this plan it requires a little amount of digging into the soil to obtain the plant. For those who harvests it as a main source of income dependency on the amount of plant being obtained, after there is not enough to be harvested by people, they would have a hard time maintain a living. When there is limited amount of this plant able to produce the product, for those who are dependent to this product may have a not as strong body as to when they were still consuming this product.

There is not yet anything quite alike with this plant or product that provides the same amount of beneficial value for health. As for those people who want to obtain the same amount of nutrients and health benefits would have to consume more than one thing.

Cordyceps sinensis is a plant which contains many beneficial values for human body health and a economical value for those who have low income and have the ability to access and harvest these plants a chance to maintain a living. It has the ability to improve our cardiac and cardiovascular functions, circulation of blood, enhancing our breathing and intake of oxygen and body’s defences against diseases. It is one of the most valuable plant approved by many doctors around the world.

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