Clove Plant

Clove Plant is a wonderful plant that produces a product called Clove oil. This product helps cure many illnesses, problems and conditions.

Scientific name:
The Scientific name for a Clove Plant is Caryophyllus acrcomaticus.(Viable - Herbal, n.d.).

A Clove Plant is a flower bud that looks like a small unopened petal with a ball in the center.(SciELO Brazil,2007).It is green when grown on the evergreen tree but it is brown in colour after it has been sun dried and harvested. (SciELO Brazil,2007).Examples of a Clove when on an evergreen tree and after it has been harvested Shown in Figure 1 and 2. Collection&photo=Cloves

Figure 1
A Picture of a Clove Plant on an Evergreen tree (TRIPPER,n.d.)

Figure 2

A Picture of a clove plant after it has been harvested (Viable-Herbal.n.d.)

Commonly found in:
Clove Plants are commonly found in and are native to Indonesia.(SciELO Brazil,2007). However they can also be found in tropical countries such as Jamaica, Brazil and India. (Viable-Herbal,n.d.). The first cloves ever found were in ancient China during the first century B.C.(Viable-Herbal,n.d.).

Enviornmental conditions:
Clove Plants can be grown in warm climates.(Natural Well Being Distribution,2010). Hence there mostly grown in tropical countries such as Jamaica and India. (Viable-Herbal,n.d.).

How we get it:
We get Clove Plants from tropical countries where it is grown on an evergreen tree.(SciELO Brazil,2007). It is then harvested and sun dried or extracted for oil so that it can be used for treatment.(SciELO Brazil,2007). The part of the Caryophyllus arcomaticus that is used for Clove oil is the flower buds.(RuralTech Services,2010). Example of Clove Oil shown in Figure 3 .

Figure 3
A picture of Clove Oil (Stan Prokopenko,2010).

How to make clove oil:
In hospitals they use a process called steam distalltion to extract Clove oil but these are the steps that you can use at home. (Scum doctor,2006).

A Chart on how to make Clove oil 

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Gather the following materials:
- dried glass jar
- Fresh Clove (Do Not use grinded ones)
- Olive oil
Add a couple of Fresh Cloves
(3 to 4) in the glass jar
Leave it out for a whole week
You can replace the Olive oil with Vegatable Oil or Jojoba
oil if you would like.
Then add the Olive oil
If you want a stronger extract leave it out
for an extra three days.

(Scum doctor,2006).

Beneficial Impacts: Doctors and dentists mostly use clove oil or prescribe it to there patients. Clove oil is used for many purposes such as relieving tooth aches,sore gums, dental pain and mouth ulcers.(RuralTech Services,2010). It helps with bad breath, infections such as athletes foot, fungal infections and wounds. (RuralTech Services,2010). It is known to release stress, and headaches and can be used for acne patients.(RuralTech Services,2010). To top it of it can treat Respiratory problems such as asthma, Indigestion, nausea and many others.(RuralTech Services,2010). Clove oil is also used in many creams because it is considered a good massage oil hence relieving stress, body aches and pain.(RuralTech Services,2010). It has also been claimed that it can treat Viral hepititas.(RuralTech Services,2010).
Clove Plant can replace many other essential oils because it can treat and relieve more problems compared to other essential oils. For e.g. Rosemary oil and Basil essential oil.(RuralTech Services, 2010). It can also replace other medicatons for conditions such as headaches. For e.g. Advil, Tynenol and Aspirin.

Harmful Impacts:
Besides the positive impacts clove oil also contributes to many negative effects such as if you get an allergic reaction to it, it can cause trouble breathing.(Demand Media,2010). Depending on the person they can also experiance anaphylaxis which is a condition that can lead to death. (Demand Media,2010). It can cause abdominal pain such as vomiting and increase the risk of bleeding disorders if used with blood thining medication. (Demand Media, 2010). Clove oil can also cause oral problems in the nervous system for e.g. seizures and if over odosed can lead to coma in some users. ( Demand Media,2010). That's why clove oil isn't recommended for pregnant women, nursing women and people with sensitive skin unless recommended by a doctor. ( Natural Well Being Disturabution,2010).(RuralTech Services, 2010).

The alternatives to replace clove oil is other medication. For e.g. if you have a tooth ache instead of using clove oil you can use Orajel,which is a tooth ache reliever. (Church Dwight,Inc, 2009). You can also use other essential oils which cure some of the same problems as clove oil. For e.g. Rosemary oil can also be used for bad breath and asthma. (RuralTech Services,2010).

All in all without this flower bud like plant called Clove plant (Carophyllus acromaticus)society would be missing out. (Viable - Herbal, n.d.).Clove oil is used for many treatments and without the help of the chinese for establishing it in the first century B.C. we wouldn't have this amazing oil extract. (Viable - Herbal, n.d.).It can be found in Indonesia and can be used to solve many problems such as Viral Hepititas. (RuralTech Services,2010).Without this product Doctors and Dentists would be struggling to find medications that can cover as many illnesses as clove oil. Although it has many harmful effects such as trouble breathing it also has many beneficial ones. (Demand Media,2010). That's why this product is considered to be very important to man kind.


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