Bourbon Vanilla - Salma Mohammad

The scientific name of Bourbon Vanilla is Vanilla Planfolia. This plant grows thickingredients_vanillaPlant.jpg
green vines up trees, and produce bunches of trumpet shaped, celadon coloured flowers.
These small fragile flowers bloom for a day and is pollinated by Melipona bees
("Vanilla beans,”). If the Melipona bees do not pollinate the vanilla, no vanilla beans
are created. Bourbon is commonly found in Uganda, Mozambique, South Africa, Madagascar,
Mauritius, Reunion, Comoros, Tahiti, India, and Indonesia and Mexico in Central America
("Sugar beans vanilla,”). Vanilla grows in a humid rain forest, it enjoys high humidity.

Once vanilla is selected the flavour is then removed ("Making of vanilla,”). A cold extraction process preserved the flavour this process takes weeks ("Making of vanilla,”). Once this is finished the beans are placed into a specially fabricated stainless steel, which bring out the true flavour essence ("Making of vanilla,”). Water and alcohol are circulated through the beans. The finished vanilla is filtered ("Making of vanilla,”).

Vanilla is beneficial for various things especially foods like vanilla ice cream, vanilla scented perfumes, oils, scented candles, vanilla extract, as well as many other things. This product is used by all ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds but ultimately everyone. One way or another we all use this product. The economy benefits from vanilla because it is one of the most preferred flavours by individuals by people around the world. So the economy makes money, which can be essentially, used for important companies, hospitals and many other necessities we need.

Vanilla is a safe but it also has some side effects that can harm the society. Society is affected by its causes of different types of health complications. Vanilla may cause irritation and inflammation to the skin. It may also cause insomnia and headaches especially for the people who manufacture vanilla on a daily basis ("Vanilla,”). An alternative that is available to replace is vanilla, is artificial vanilla. Artificial vanilla taste and smells like vanilla but it’s really just a bunch of chemical made to taste and smell like the real thing like vanilla extract.

Vanilla is a plant which contains bean. This plant is used for many products. The process of extracting this plant and manufacturing takes a lot of time. Many people around the world use vanilla as a spice. It’s great for the economy because we make a lot of money out of it but can cause insomnia and headaches. Therefore, even though vanilla is known as a great product, it does have tis side affects and we need to keep that in mind.


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