Apple Tree


Apple tree, Malus domestica which was brought to North America by the early Europeans has been a great use to society.
Figure 1. Branch from an apple tree
Natural grown apples reach up to 30 to 40 feet in height, but when trees are grown for the market they are pruned to prevent them from becoming tall, resulting in a height loss of 10 to 20 feet (E. Kaplan. Rev.,2010,par.17). The tree usually has a tall trunk with many branches that are spread out and twisted. The apples range from yellow to red, but the ones chosen for the market are usually red or green (E. Kaplan. Rev.,2010,par.17). Apples flourish in a variety of soils, but most succeed in well drain and fertilized soil. Apples grow best on slopes due to minimize frost dangers in spring. The fruit is required to grow in periods of cold and dormancy to bear the apples. Farmers spray their apples to prevent pests, such as the codling moth. Apples grow in several countries, such as the United States, France, Italy, China, Poland, Argentina, Turkey, Chile, Spain, Russia, Germany, and Japan.

Apples are put in the market based on their richness, flavor, firmness, hardness, tenderness, and juiciness. The apples are also
Figure 2. Apple pie
raded by maturity; all apples should be ready to harvest at around the same time. After apples are graded they are shipped over to stores, ready for purchase. The apples are obtained from the tree which can be eaten in a form of an apple pie. Apple pie is a pastry with a bottom and top crispy crust, which rests a filling of baked apples with a syrup of spices in-between the crusts; apple pie is best served with ice cream. Apple pie could be made at home by following a set of instruction or can be brought, at a bakery, restaurant, or market.

Making of the Product


Beneficial impacts

Apples are used in many ways, such as baking it in a pie or drinking it as apple juice or can just be eaten raw. Many restaurants place apple pie in their menu as dessert, such as Mc Donald’s, Popeye’s, and Burger King. Apple pie has an
Figure 3.Apple pie contest in America
impact on the economy especially in the United States. United States are known for their apple pie contests which varying from eating to baking, these contests increase tourism in the States. Apples are also a great source of energy, natural sugar, and carbohydrates (Department of Agriculture, 2006). Eating apples as well as apple products reduces the likelihood of getting heart disease and stroke. Apples are a delicious source of dietary fiber, and dietary fiber helps digestion and promotes weight loss. A study in England shows that eating five apples a week has an advantage of a better lung function ("Apples keep your," 2010).Other products produced by apples is Apple tarts, apple juice, apple sauce, apple cake, apple crumble, candy apple, and Apple Crème.

Harmful Impacts

Some harmful impacts occur to the environment. When apple orchards are sprayed due to the affects of insects, the chemical may cause harm to the fruit and the environment. Chemicals such as DDT and DDD can be absorbed into the fruit which a human or animal may eat, resulting in no decomposition or digestion in the body. Using the oven could also have an impact on the environment. Ovens today use electricity which comes from electric power plants. These power plants are run by using coal and oil that contains concentrations of sulfur, these concentrations of sulfur is converted into sulfur-dioxide gas. Sulfur-dioxide gas is harmful not only to humans but to vegetation and buildings as well and is hard to get rid of. Eating too much apple pie could also have some side effects, such as gaining weight.Apple juice could be an alternative for apple pie since it is contains antioxidants which prevent types of cancer. There is no other plant that could be proposed to replace the apple tree since every tree and plant has its benefits.

Apples come in of over 20 varieties from across the world. Each variety is grown in the same way, from pruning to spraying. The apple could be put into a useful form in over 10 ways, from baking the apples into apple pie or by making apple juice. Apples when eaten raw are a great source of dietary fiber, natural sugar, energy, and proteins. When farmers spray their orchard to prevent insects from infecting the fruit, the spray could cause harm to the environment. Overall apples are one of the most beneficial andwell known fruits around the world.



By: Zainab Elmi
Proofread by: Lakshmi Raju
Information verified by: Saja Elshaikh